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tv   CNN News Central  CNN  February 21, 2024 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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bring your own team together with custom gear, get started today at custom-make dot com >> lead with jake tapper cnn today it for now on cnn news >> central, their impeachment case against president biden is falling apart as a key informant admits he got his info from russian intelligence officials, but what are republicans saying about it? why they're not backing down? plus legal experts warn this was coming just days after alabama supreme court ruled frozen embryos are equal to children it's getting harder to undergo ivf treatment in that state >> and did they keep their sons grisly crime a secret today for the first time since their daughter was murdered, gabby petito's family is coming face-to-face with her killer's parents we're following these major developing stories and many more all coming in right here to cnn news central
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>> spies, lies, bribes, and russian disinformation. it sounds like something out of a novel, but it is a very real drama playing out washington right now. >> a >> long time fbi informant who provided explosive allegations of a biden bribery scheme, now charged with lying to the fbi and accused of passing off false information that he got from kremlin intelligence officials the claims from x and format alexander smirnoff or a central part of house republicans impeachment inquiry of president biden. but for now, the gop has no plans to pull back on that probe. cnn's kaitlan polantz is tracking all of this. >> kaitlan. what more have we learned about this case? >> well, jessica, this is a major >> case from one of the special counsel working within the justice department. it is case against a man named alexandra
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smirnoff, who lives in las vegas, an american citizen. but as an fbi informant over many, many years, was putting disinformation into investigative authorities in the us, specifically, the fbi. he was charged last week and arrested on charges related to lying to the fbi, speaking to them about joe biden and his son, hunter biden, their connections to burisma, this ukrainian energy company. he had alleged that there were bribes. there were none of those of, you the biden and hunter at that time and so he was charged with lying because that had become part of the political discourse. it was something that the fbi had heard from him. you can't tell lies to the fbi as a confidential informant then just yesterday, we see him in court because the justice department is fearful that he could continue to sow disinformation into american authorities investigators. that's because he told them even after his arrest. and in recent months that he was
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receiving information from russian officials, specifically russian intelligence, and he had a lot of contact with foreign intelligence services >> so >> the justice department went to court and they told the judge yesterday, this man, alexander smirnoff, he was spreading misinformation, not only in 2020 about joe biden to us, the fbi but also he's actively peddling, disinformation and still that could impact us elections related to joe biden, information coming from apparently the russian government, jessica. >> wow. and so kaitlan, there's now this new push by the special counsel to get thrown off back in jail, right? that's right so they tried really hard yesterday in court to keep alexander smirnoff detained. the judge said no, the political ramifications and warnings about misinformation weren't enough. and so the judge said, i will release you he let him go walk out of
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court. he was still wearing his is about jail crocs at when he walked out of court, he wore gps monitor. he's not allowed to go around airports. he is allowed to go to court whenever he needs to in los angeles to face his charges. but the justice department popped up again today and they're appealing that release. and those conditions saying to the judge we fear that he has so much contact abroad, especially with foreign intelligence services, and he has millions of dollars if he wants access to it, that he should be detained. he should not await his trial, living as a free man, even with a gps monitor, he should be in jail. jessica. >> all right. katelyn polantz with the latest on that front. thanks so much. let's go down to capitol hill with lauren fox and lauren republicans remain defiant about the impact this is going to have on their biden probe and what are democrats saying? >> yeah, republicans this morning trying to distance themselves from alexander sphere enough, trying to argue
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that his claims were not foundational to their impeachment probe, despite the fact that their past statements suggest otherwise. but today the focus was all on james biden, the president's brother, who met with congressional investigators behind closed doors, met with members of the house, oversight and judiciary committees. and what republicans they're trying to do is tie james biden and joe biden directly together and specifically trying to show that joe biden benefited not just financially, but was involved in his brother's business dealings, but james biden testified to the opposite of that saying and an opening statement because of my intimate knowledge of my brothers personal integrity and character, as well as my own strong ethics i have always kept my professional life separate from our close personal relationship. i have never asked my brother to take any official action on behalf of me. my business associates,
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or anyone else. and in part because of that, opening statement from james biden, in part because of those explosive allegations against alexander smear or not, you have democrats like jamie raskin, the leading democrat on the oversight committee, are doing it is time for republicans to give up their impeachment probe. here's jamie raskin earlier today >> i think it's time for chairman comer and the republicans to fold up the circus tent. and we should get back to work for american people. this impeachment investigation is nothing but a wild goose jayce that is based on russian disinformation and propaganda >> and let's lay out the political reality here for so many republicans this was always going to be tough to convince this narrow majority to be united, to go ahead and impeach joe biden. but what you're seeing right now is when so little evidence with no direct tie between joe biden benefiting financially from his
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brother or his son's business dealings? it's really unclear how some of those moderate republicans, some of those republicans who are running for reelection in swing districts who are going to need biden supporters in order to get re-elected, how they are going to proceed, and whether or not republicans will ever be able to actually impeach biden on the floor of the house of representatives. jessica, lauren fox for us on capitol hill. thanks so much for that reporting. and we're joined now by cnn, senior political analyst ron brownstein and former deputy assistant attorney general, tom dupree. great to have both of you tom jim jordan has been blaming the fbi for relying on this informants false information. we know the fbi warned last summer about releasing this information. >> can you walk >> us through the process for sharing confidential source information between the doj fbi, congress like how does it typically go in a situation like this? how did it break down >> well typically, the doj wants to do anything but shared
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this type of information with congress. i think when an investigation of this nature and this sensitivity is being carried out, the last thing in the world the justice department wants to do is share a raw intelligence materials and dossiers with folks on the hill. i think in this case, there was a lot of political pressure being brought to bear on the fbi. i think the government ultimately did elect to share this information and we've seen what happens. i think it really this whole episode really underscores the dangers in relying on raw intelligence data, which hasn't always been properly vetted. it comes from sources of great question ability so the in some cases, and if you plan your activities and you draw conclusions based on what you're seeing in these raw reports. it can occasionally backfire as it appears to have done here. and run not only did it backfire, but republicans like jim jordan were pointing to this information from the informant as quote, the most corroborating evidence we have against biden and the biden family. so now, moving forward the republicans already have
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this razor thin majority. it was going to be a tough proposition, impeachment to begin with. at this point, is it over it's hard to see how they get every house republican to >> go along with this are 17 republicans and districts that biden won. democrats just flipped the 18th. the former george santos district, the investigation has been dead end after dead end? the most they have uncovered. is that kind of classic washington unseemliness of people, lobbyists trying to impress their clients. with their proximity to important people. and biden, president biden may have made some errors in judgment in kind of allowing and that to happen, but they've not found any evidence of him either doing favors for are benefiting from these these transactions and from the beginning, i felt this impeachment was more about
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trump than about biden. it was a way for house republicans to try to ease this thing of trump's impeachment. by creating equivalent threat for biden also a way to weaken biden for a general election, but they are running out of runway. i think, especially after the results in that new york special election, one, i just want to stay with you for a second because obviously, if you're solidly democratic voter, you're looking at this one way, if you're solidly a republican voter, you're looking at it. another way it is that sliver of independent voters that one joe biden, the presidency, tip it in his favor in 2020. how do you think this whole thing is playing out with them? aren't they kind of the key constituency here in terms of politically what this means? >> yes. look, why don't you think about this election is there's not a majority of americans who affirmatively want to reelect biden for another four years for a lot of reasons, primarily his age concerns about inflation and the border there's not a majority of americans who want to return donald trump to power
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if he is the republican nominee, it seems inevitable. and, the issue is, what does the shared way, that way there's two venn diagrams overlap. what we have sometimes called the double negative or double hater voters. what do they do? i think they are as on many things going to be conflicted on this. i mean, there is evidence in polling that republicans have succeeded in raising doubts about up biden's ethic among some voters. on the other hand, i think what we saw in 2022 is very relevant here, which is that an unusually democrats had a better election than expected because an unusually large number of voters who were dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country, or dissatisfied with biden still would not vote for the republican alternative because they consider entered it too extreme. and that is exactly what house republicans are playing into by pursuing an impeachment investigation without any real evidence to justify it. so there are some risk for biden and then continuing down this road, but there's certainly risks of her house republicans, especially given all the other dysfunction
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that has been going on in this congress i'm wondering from your perspective, it seems like political polarization is making the us more susceptible >> to foreign interference. if you have lawmakers seeing an incentive to use the sort of raw, unproven material to go after their enemies. that is an open opportunity for the kremlin >> i think there's a lot of truth in that. and i think what happens sometimes as you see people on all sides of the political debate seizing on this type of information. again, raw unverified intelligence information that you need to take with a few grains of salt or this case a few gallons of vodka and immediately waving it around to the public and saying, look, this is this as gospel, we can trust this. look at this reports that we've gotten. terrible things are opponents had been doing and losing sight of the fact that normally the way this material is evaluated is it goes through the wringer at doj or counter-intelligence experts study it, they peruse that, they check sources that
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corroborated before acting on the information. but you short-circuit that whole review process when you use these materials for political purposes. and so i think it's a cautionary lesson for everyone in washington that we really need to be careful about taking unverified intelligence information and immediately deported positing it into the public sphere, right? >> it needs to be filtered through the appropriate channels at ron, when it comes to pushing back opposing russia, staying vigilant against russia, and its threat to the united states do you think any of this does anything to reignite that posture among republicans in washington, this, as we see, the former president who is leading the leading chance to be the nominee. the fore runner to be the republican nominee. we're still refuses to condemn putin over navalny's death >> yeah. >> yeah. look, i think we are watching the collapse of the internationalists consensus that dominated the republican party from dwight eisenhower through trump's first
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election. and even during trump's term, a substantial portion of the republicans in congress and even in his own administration you should be held to that traditional reaganite view that the us had to be the leader of the free world and assertive role in combating authoritarianism. now, what do we see? a majority of house republicans voted against ukraine aid last september, and the house speaker won't bring it to the floor. a majority of senate republicans voted against a ukraine aid in the most recent vote. and very, very few republicans other than nikki haley have condemned donald trump's comments about nato, even though polling out again today shows two-thirds of americans believe nato is a good deal for the us. what we are watching is trump's consolidation. i think of the republican party on foreign policy. and you do get the occasional statement criticizing putin over navalny. but marco rubio put one out today saying we need more people like navalny, who put country over, kind of personal
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interest. that's the same. marco rubio who just voted against ukraine aid, in effect rewarding putin at the behest of trump's. so i do think we are watching an important shift in the republican party. all of these events make it somewhat uncomfortable, but probably not uncomfortable enough to reverse and overcome the impact that trump is having in driving them in this direction. >> ron brownstein, tom dupree. >> thank you both >> thank you. >> of course. >> so boeing is making some changes to who is running the show when it comes to one of its plain models, this is weeks after the door plug on one of those planes blew off midflight. >> plus, we're already seeing the real-world impact in real time of an alabama court ruling that says frozen embryo those are children by law >> united states of scandal with jake tapper sunday at nine on cnn. >> how do i do it?
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sin city sunday at ten on cnn this just into cnn, the university of >> alabama at birmingham health system is not the first organization in alabama to confirm that it's pausing in vitro fertilization treatments. this comes after alabama supreme court ruled that frozen embryos under state law or children the justices declaring last week that the wrongful death of a minor act applies to all unborn children, regardless of their location. let's go to cnn's isa, beautiful solace isabel. this is exactly what critics of this decision feared would happen hey, boris, that is exactly correct. and this one of its kind ruling first of its kind is putting back into the national focus this question of when life begins. now, as you mentioned, the university of alabama at birmingham, birmingham health
12:21 pm
system is the first organization in the state to say that it is paused housing ivf treatment in light of this ruling, i want to show you a piece of their statement right here. it reads, we must evaluate the potential that our patients and our physicians could be prosecuted criminally or face punitive damages for allowing the standard of care for ivf treatments so that's part of their statement right there. let me take a step back into how we got to this point this ruling stems from wrongful death lawsuits filed by the parents of code several embryonic children, children that would have come into light via ivf. and what happened was that these embryos were in a nursery frozen away getting in but then a patient got access to that nursery, accidentally dropped those embryos and they were destroyed. and that's where the wrongful death lawsuits came about. now, a reproductive rights advocates warn that this could have huge implications for ivf moving forward, making it less
12:22 pm
accessible to patients and more costs plea that it could skyrocket liability costs and forced patients to deal with potentially lifelong storage fees for those frozen embryos. and then there's a question of who gets to decide what happens to unwanted or unneeded embryos? now an attorney for one of the couple's involved in that lawsuit that made its way all the way to the alabama supreme court, told cnn that this case is simply about accountability and allowing a path forward for those couples who lost those embryos to get justice for us walk us through your conversations with fertilization patients you've been speaking to them. what have they shared with you? >> yeah. just today i spoke with gabrielle going delal she and her husband. they've been trying to get pregnant for two years. and after three miscarriages, they made the difficult decision together to undergo this process of ivf.
12:23 pm
they are halfway through their first cycle. that has not been an easy choice. it's because of the preparation, the physical preparation that she has had to undergo, the emotional readiness of not getting the news that they want to get and then there's also the financial burden gabrielle spent $20,000 so far in this process here's what she had to say >> who's already know, fully invested in this process. we had paid our clinic and fall. we had purchased all of our medication has been months long and then to be told that there was a possibility that we would have to stop this in the middle of one of the most important parts of it is really terrifying >> and gabrielus confuse us to the next step. she's, she's in touch with her clinic, but it's a wait and see sort of pattern. she doesn't know what exactly will happen next. she told me that if the worst comes to pass here and she's not able to dispose of embryos that would not be viable. and
12:24 pm
instead would be forced to keep them frozen and pay those fees. she doesn't see that us financially. her family has financially capable of doing that. she's actually considering boris. she told me moving out of the state of alabama. if it comes to that well deserved for sellers. thank you so much for bringing us their story of this issue is now becoming part of the conversation when it comes to the 2024 presidential campaign. in fact, we just got word that republican president financial candidate nikki haley has weighed in on this. she's actually someone that has undergone artificial insemination. she has said that she believes embryos are babies. let's listen to some of her response now to a question from nbc news i want to ask you about some news of de specificly something that's come up in alabama, the supreme court there said that embryos created >> through ivf are considered children and are offered those same protections. >> do you agree >> i mean, i think i mean, embryos to me or babies
12:25 pm
>> she went on to say when she was asked about how this decision might hurt people who are seeking ivf treatment, that it was an incredibly personal issue, adding quote, this is one where we need to be incredible i believe respectful and sensitive about it. jessica >> this just into cnn, boeing has removed the head of its 737 max passenger jet program. this of course comes after the dramatic and terrifying midair incident last month were adore plug blew out during an american airlines flight will bring in cnn aviation correspondent pete muntean. pete, this unit had several issues over the last five years what are you learning about the shakeup >> well, this is the first time heads have rolled since the alaska airlines flight 12, 82 door plug bailout back on january fit also the first since the ntsb preliminary report of a couple of weeks ago, which found none of the four bolts that hold the door plug in place on that boeing 737 max because nine were
12:26 pm
re-installed by boeing at its factory in renton, washington, the person playing the price now is ed clark. he is the fifth head of the 737 max program and the latest to be fired after a series of problems. in fact, he came into power after the fatal crashes in 2,018.20, 19 involving max is a broad that led to 346 deaths and a 20 month grounding of the plane. in this case, the max nine was grounded in the us for 19 days. boeing ceo dave calhoun has acknowledged that boeing caused this problem. he insists boeing airplanes are safe. he says but that on capitol hill earlier this month for now, calhoun's job is safe. boeing also created a new job in this announcement, these senior vice president of quality, because boeing is under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to what's quality control, the person leading that is elizabeth lund. now previously oversaw production of boeing airliners. this is really significant because the faa is auditing boeing's
12:27 pm
quality control right now in this company-wide memo that announced all these changes, the head of boeing commercial airplanes, stan deal said, ed, the person departing two parts with my and our deepest gratitude, but that the change is effective immediately. some would say to lay the first-person being shown the door after this door plug blowout. jessica and pete update as to on where the investigation stands into the max planes generally, following that incident? >> well, there are two investigations taking place right now. there's the ntsb investigation that is only partway done. we just have a preliminary report. those typically take a couple of years to reach a final conclusions and a probable cause. >> the >> faa, the federal aviation administration, is looking into the max nine quality control at boeing's plant in renton, washington, there was an audit. they're taking place right now. we know from faa chief mike whitaker that he recently visited the plant in renton, washington. also, there are about a dozen faa inspectors now on the site there the faa
12:28 pm
did halt by emergency order at the seventh 37 max nine production taking place there right now, both boeing has done a quality stand down to try and listen to employees about what could be changed on the production line and we're also waiting to hear from the faa about a survey of boeing employees about the culture on boeing's production line there, about what could make things better as these planes get moved through, there is some criticism of bone playing though, that i may have gotten out of control with things not being too vertical in the company it used to make everything in house. now boeing farms some of that out to subcontractors and the company that builds the fuselage, a company named spirit aerosystems is all the way in wichita, kansas. it also builds the max nine door plug in malaysia. all of those parts come together in kansas, they're put on a train, their sent the boeing factory in washington where everything is assembled. finally, so there is some criticism that may be bowing should bring all of that in-house after this incident. >> all right. pete muntean with
12:29 pm
the update for us. thanks so much. and still ahead this afternoon, russia is celebrating a key victory in its war on ukraine with president vladimir putin personally awarding medals to a group of soldiers but as the fierce battles continue, we are getting new perspective on the ground of a live report from christiane amanpour. that's next capital ones to match can you do this? >> yeah, i see that >> bob, i call nato chest congestion. hello, 12 hours of relief. bowers, mucinex, dm gives you 12 hours of relief from chest justin in any cough day you're not mucinex dm its comeback season. now, tried to use the next instance suits or probe medicated drops meet noodles >> she's part short hair and part ninja. >> meet the bissell cross wave hydro steam. it's part vacuum
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12:34 pm
victory over another key village in ukraine just days after taking control of a >> critical eastern town, ukraine this far is denied losing more territory. nevertheless, fierce battles are unfolding in the east and southern part of the country, as russia is appearing to grow bolder and more aggressive and it's attacks. cnn chief international anchor christiane amanpour joins us now, live from the capital of ukraine in kyiv. chris john, how significant are these russian gains? >> so boris massively, you know, we're here in the run-up to the second year, essentially mark of this war and what you're seeing and what we've been seeing since the last weekend is a relentless you know, push by russian forces. we saw first abdivka fall over the weekend and we know that they keep pushing further east and north and they are also trying to approach and put
12:35 pm
pressure on the big, big city, the second city of kharkiv in the north east. and they are sending all sorts of missiles. people people are getting killed. it is really very, very dire on the front line in the south that as you mentioned, there's a lot more of a battle going on and it's hard the moment to confirm without getting absolute confirmation from the ukrainian government, but they are putting up more of a fight. the ukrainians in the south and apparently tending to try to keep holding the line, but was absolutely clear is everybody we speak to whether its military, whether it's civilian, whether it's the civilian leadership or, or soldiers, they strongly believe that the lack of weapons and ammunition, particularly ammunition is what's causing these incremental new gains by russia, the foreign minister here told me yesterday that they would not have
12:36 pm
>> everybody knows and putin has said it many times that he does not believe the west has the staying power. he said it from the beginning, and he is definitely trying to make as much headway as he possibly can while the weapons are still held up by congress on that question of this logjam in congress, chris john, you noted it is the two-year anniversary. it will soon be the two-year anniversary of the start of this war. >> do >> people in ukraine get the sense that there's going to be a breakthrough after the election. do they have hoped that aid will come sooner than that? >> oh, my gosh, they can't afford to wait that long and the conditions on the front line are such that they really can't afford to wait that long if ukraine is to keep defending
12:37 pm
itself, the counter offensive over the summer did not go as, as hoped. that's true. and yet they were able to maintain a stalemate in the net in the words of the ukrainian commander that time that meant that they were holding the line and not one side was making significant gains. but now even that stalemate is at threat while the russians are making gains. so it's absolutely section for them in their words and what they tell us to get this as soon as possible. it absolutely is showing up the delay. it's showing up on the front lines. and of course, we've seen what ukraine has been able to do with the nearly two years of nato support. it's been able to keep them at bay and it's been able to really, really try to hold the line here but now the situation is getting very, very desperate. >> and what are folks that you've spoken to saying about some of the rhetoric specifically coming from former
12:38 pm
president donald trump when he seems hesitant to provide ukraine with more aid. and when he sort of gives this opening vladimir putin to do what he will even in nato countries >> see boris, this is really a situation that most people overseas can't even begin to imagine and to undertake for as it is, it's just such a difficult thing for people here to accept clearly, they, you know, it's not just that he seems hesitant, former president trump, as you know, he has torpedoed the delivery of aid by telling his maga wing of the republican party and congress not to do it. i mean, that's the bottom line. that's what we heard in munich from many of the republican senators who without it was actually quite a small republican delegation this time. but nonetheless, they stuck to the maga party line to be fair, one of the republican senators who i spoke to on a panel, he said, we will do the right thing. he said democracy is messy. it's
12:39 pm
difficult in the united states, we have this very, we kept returning to the border issue and wouldn't be budged from that issue, but he kept saying we will do the right thing. the question is, when and here they say to us that we have always looked to america as the nation that fundamentally opposed and supports and promotes democracy and freedom around the world. and they say, we ukraine the buffer between the autocratic world and the democratic world. and so they really know, and then write it here, trying to hold that line between democracy and autocracy in europe. and they know, they, they know putin very well because this is actually the 12th year of putin's are the tenth year. i'm sorry if putin's invasion, he started back in 2014 and then in holding that line for a long, long time. so it's a fundamental battle for democracy. they are fighting it
12:40 pm
and what they want is the just the ammunition and the weapons to fight it. >> christian amanpour, great to have you on >> thank you. >> of course >> so for the first time since their daughter was murdered, gabby petito's parents are going to come face to face with the parents of her killer, brian laundrie to people who they believe hid her death. those details strip grenell, prize fighters walking into the wringer of the season is kind of giving everything >> intensity >> when everybody's bought it great things out. >> fliers, black >> tonight at seven on tnt. >> look at this. what saved nearly $750 >> would that kind of money we could fly south >> except we don't migrate. no. i'm talking actually blind >> sit back flags, maybe work out my novel and i won't
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12:43 pm
>> yeah. brian, you can have the best window or door in the world and if it's not installed correctly, it's going to fail. so we don't hire these jack of all trades installers that do gutters inciting on the side but our window installation teams do are windows year-in, year-out and have done thousands of them anytime a homeowner has to deal with multiple home improvement companies, they get stuck in the blame game. >> yeah. with other companies, if there's an issue, the manufacturer blames the installer. the installer blames them manufacturer with us. there's no finger-pointing or blame maiming each other. we're both the installer and the manufacturer said, is it easy for a homeowner to get a price? >> very easy will come out to your house, will assess your current patio door windows, and then we'll give you an exact price. that's good for an entire year. >> so that's great information. thank you. >> this month only saved 20% on windows, saved 20% on patio doors, and safe, 20% on entry doors, plus take $150 off your entire purchase with zero money down zero monthly payments, and zero interest for one year.
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parents have gotten petito are meeting face-to-face with the parents of brian laundrie petito's fiance, who was accused of killing her. brian laundrie eventually took his own life before he could be charged. police say he left a note admitting to that killing the petitos filed an emotional distress lawsuit against the laundries claiming the couple knew their daughter was dead, but kept it a secret to protect their son. cnn's jean casarez is here in gene. >> all >> four set for a confidential mediation conference date in florida. what more are you learning about this? >> well we do know that as of several hours ago, it was still ongoing, but this is a significant day because this case is proceeding to trial. it's a civil case all about money damages, and what we do know is that a professional mediator, he's an attorney, but he is designated by the state bar of florida to 88 situations like this is meeting significant that they will all be together and you can have your attorney represent you and
12:46 pm
you're not there, but i learned that all the families, the two families will be together. they're and they're trying to go through this to see if there is a monetary settlement that can be worked out. so they don't have to go to trial. and it is just as you said, it is confidential, so we may never know exactly what was said, exactly. what was arrived at will have to go into the record in court, but we won't know how they got there. >> but the >> emotions have to be so high because this is a case where the parents of gabby the petito, when they were looking for her, had no idea what had happened to her. they were reaching out to the laundries every day trying to text them, email them, phone them, and they were blocked continually. and now through deposition, we do know that brian laundrie called his parents, finally told his father gabby is gone. i need an attorney and i'm coming home and he drove home in her van and they never told the petitos any of that. now,
12:47 pm
they say the laundrie save, we had no legal duty to tell you that our attorney told us not to talk to you. and furthermore, we don't have to talk to you if that is our choice. we were concerned for our son. and what was happening. so the emotions have to be high, but it's significant because if they don't reach a settlement today, this case is going to trial. >> all right. we will keep an eye on that. jim casarez with the latest for us. thank you so much. certainly com jimmy kimmel responds the late night hosts mocking the fraud lawsuit filed against him by former lawmaker george santos here what kimmel had to say, that's next candidate john edwards cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, had a >> baby with his girlfriend, and then tried to pass it off as a campaign staffers kid >> we're here to get your side of the story. >> united states of scandal with jake tapper, new episodes sunday at nine on cnn i psoriasis was all over them
12:48 pm
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12:51 pm
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this is cnn >> well, jimmy kimmel is laughing off, getting sued by former congressman george santos, the talk show hosts responded last night after learning santos wants to take him to court over a series of videos santos claims he was duped into recording i am currently embroiled in what maybe the most preposterous lawsuit of all time. george santos, a man republicans kicked out of congress for being a fraud, is suing me for fraud after he was removed from the house, george signed on with cameorta, make some money in other website where you get a celebrity to make a video. so we wrote some absolutely ridiculous messages for him to read we gave them a credit card number and sure enough, he recorded the messages and sent them back to us. and now he's suing. he says, we deceived him if there's one thing george santos will not stand for. it's using a fake name under false pretenses
12:53 pm
>> cnn senior media reporter, oliver darcy has been following this for as a oliver, we've been trying to figure out the details of this lawsuit of the terms and conditions of cameo, and whether santos even has a real case well, i mean, this has no laughing matter. desantis, but i think for everyone else, including jimmy kimmel, it's quite funny to see play out and he saw kimball, they're responding. that's the first response we've seen from the late-night comedian since santos filed this lawsuit over the weekend, it's really remarkable a lawsuit for the reasons that jimmy kimmel himself as laying out santos was ejected from congress last year over these fraud allegations. and now he's making those same allegations against jimmy kimmel. so it's quite ironic and that's something that came pointed out in his his response there. but i'll leave i'll leave the actual terms and conditions and legal stuff up to the lawyers, guess? >> yeah.
12:54 pm
>> dripping with >> irony story, oliver darcy. thanks so much for the update. >> well, he thought he won 340 million. turns out though, it was a typo, is he still going to get a payout? will dig into the story next. >> via headline or las vegas. that's what i want to do. >> it's unlike anywhere else in the world vegas, the story of sin city sunday at ten on cnn >> being a journalist is the best job in the world. asking challenging questions of the folks who run the world is ukraine going to win this war? >> yes, of course. >> you're ready. >> the lead with jake tapper, cnn next that first time you take a step back. i made that with your very own online store. >> i sold that. >> had you can manage it all in
12:55 pm
one place. >> i built this and >> it was easing with a partner that puts you first go daddy. >> you need new replacement windows, but you just not sure if they're in the budget this year, right? i'm brian garry here with ted from renewal by anderson and he's here to talk about how to make window replacement more affordable. >> well, first, brian, you don't have to do them all. you could just replace your worst windows first or another way to make them affordable is to change the style of window. for example well, you could do a gliding window instead of a casement. we have a lot of ways to make window projects really affordable compared to other window companies, you have a completely different business model. >> yeah, with other companies, there's just too many people involved in the process. there's the manufacturer, the seller, and then the installer, and then the customer. and if you call with a problem that's when they say, oh, we're the manufacturer, you have to call the installer for that problem or vice versa. were the full service replacement window division of anderson with us. there's no passing the buck at
12:56 pm
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1805011400 oh, no, it comes to bread guy. >> don't you ever get the sake of bread, ontario, come on. if you say nearly $750 like this imagine what we could splurge on oh, like souers, you know, the good stuff, like blueberries and strawberries exactly. raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, elderberry name all to bury. she varies. halle berry. >> i'm just kidding
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you can make money the hard way as a bullfighter or a human cannonball... or save money the easy way, with xfinity mobile. existing customers can get a free line of our most popular unlimited plan for a year! not only will you save hundreds but you'll also be joining millions who have connected to america's most reliable 5g network. sure is a lot safer than becoming a stuntman for money. get a free line of unlimited intro for a year when you buy one unlimited line. plus, get the new samsung galaxy s24 on us. way to reduce sugar >> i'm elizabeth wagmeister in los angeles. >> in this is cnn we want to give you a live look at culver city, california, where president biden is >> expected to deliver remarks pretty soon to that, the president visiting california on a fundraising swing, trying to money for what's going to be a very competitive 2024
12:59 pm
presidential election i was just earlier today, president biden announced an additional $1.2 billion in student debt relief. you see a sign there in the background noting the white house's efforts on student loan relief. it's actually helping 150,000 borrowers avoid having to pay back student loans, which is obviously something that has plagued many college students after their graduation and that he ran on and promised and now they're heading into reelection is in critically important for him to be able to say he delivered on that for a lot of younger voters out there who he needs to hold that coalition together. what was interesting too is when we talked to kevin liptack a little bit earlier, he is traveling with the president. he said that we have heard him attacking trump, his likely opponent in this race on on russia and vladimir putin and refusing to condemn him. and then he's not only doing that publicly, he's doing it privately in these fundraisers as well. he's expected i think you mentioned to raise some $10 on that fundraising swing, so we'll keep an eye on that. and meantime, a man in washington do you see thought he won a
1:00 pm
massive lottery jackpot only be told. nope, it's a mistake. now, six year-old jon cheeks is suing powerball. he says he bought a ticket last year and when he went to check it the next day on the website, he matched all five numbers and the powerball for a jackpot winner of $340 million but the lawsuit alleges when he took the ticket to the lottery office, he was told he was not the winner. >> yeah. in a hearing last year, the agency for the powerball website says it accidentally posted cheeks winning numbers, and then remove them as soon as they realized the mistake, the agency is now calling cheeks claims fraudulent. attorneys for cheek say that he should be paid out those winnings we'll of course see how this plays out in court. but could you imagine walking into work holding that winning ticket, getting calls from all these relatives. you haven't heard from from years you're celebrating your on a high and then suddenly that highest, just take it away, taken away the answer is now down to earth. hey, thank you so much for joining us this afternoon, jessica, great to have you the lead with jake tapper starts in five


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